In 2016/17 Rebox has expanded out of Dublin and now collect reuseable cardboard all over Ireland. This product is mainly sourced from waste companies or directly with food and beverage producers and the pharmaceutical sector such as Diageo, Britvic Ireland, Glenpatrick Water and Baxters pharmaceutical.

How it works - Example 1

Bottling companies in Ireland get their glass delivered with a cardboard layer sheet in between, approximately 1200 x 1000mm in size. This is an ideal source that can be made back into a cardboard box.

Glass products being delivered into a bottling hall, ready for bottling.


Layer pads inbetween the glass bottles are flat packed and stored for collection by Rebox for reuse.

The cardboard layer pads are placed on a diecut form, then pressed through our shear line machine and cut out into the shape of a box.


The boxes are then glued and stacked ready for delivery.

Cardboard Box Reuse - Example 2

Many of Ireland’s large companies get their raw materials delivered in boxes which are ideal for reuse.


These boxes are flat packed ready for collection.

Boxes are taken back to our warehouse where they are cleaned, stored and graded.


Boxes ready to be delivered to one of our customers at a fraction of the cost of a new box, both environmentally and economically.